Andrew talks about his BreakThrough experience

Breakthrough Testimonial

I knew when I signed up for the class that shifts were going to occur, but I wasn’t planning on it being so literal… My shift occurred while I was acknowledging acting like a drama-queen, sniveling, and pathetic.  At first I was having trouble truly and deeply acknowledging my action. I felt all my defenses activating and the walls going up.  I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it.  Terryann said maybe I wasn’t ready and something inside screamed “No!”.  I closed my eyes and focused on truly accepting responsibility.  At that moment, I began to shake.  It started in legs and worked up all over my body as I was voicing my acceptance of my actions.  I had my eyes closed so I couldn’t tell how bad I was shaking, but it felt like I was having my own mini earthquake.  My tremors calmed down a little after I finished accepting responsibility, but still continued through the rest of the steps. Steps illuminated to me that (in this case) my father was actually giving me exactly what I asked for, even though on the surface it didn’t appear to be.  Also, I learned that by thinking that I can be only certain characteristics I limit my experiences and set myself up to be triggered since it is impossible to always be a certain attribute.


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