BodyTalk Testimonial from around the world

August 25, 2016

I am a woman transformed!!

I just received and e mail voice message from Terryann Eleftheria Nikides. A BodyTalk session for me from her.

It is the FIRST time in my pregnancy that I am FREE OF PAIN.

I can rise from seated without wincing. I can put one foot in front of the other without feeling like my public bone is going to split. I can put my foot in my slipper without holding onto the cupboard or wall and also wince free.

I cannot tell you the mental and emotional strain I have been under, without even realizing the extent of it.


And I am deeply in love and grateful for Terryann

From Maddalena:
just a quick note to say I am doing well and I am actually having my periods without cramping…I don’t have memories of when that happened last..

From Evangeline

Terryann has been helping and working (on) with me for years. BodyTalk sessions, Agape and amazing presence and energy have done so much to get me where I want to be. Each step is a revelation of all things I’ve held onto to anchor me where I was. Today after a crap day at work I was talking to a friend and mentioned that I was “feeling” overwhelmed and annoyed at a work situation. This for me is HUGE. I’m not annoyed or overwhelmed or discouraged. I’m just feeling that way At The Moment. That realization allowed me to take a step back and not let it consume me. Plus it meant that the feeling would pass and that another one would take its place. And it did. I’m feeling pretty damn happy at the moment.
Thanks Terryann for what you do.


From Angela – Montreal

I have had quite a few sessions of BodyTalk with Terryann and I have to say that my life has been a steady increase in happiness and fulfillment as the sessions have helped me move past issues that had become such a part of my life that I never realized they were there.

I can feel my body open up and the energy move through the areas, leaving me feeling limber and healthy.  Pain has gone away and I have actually feel my body shift and change.  It has been some of the most incredible sensations.  My life has been richer and better and I look forward to each session as it helps me live a more incredible life.

Root Canal Session

“Amazing how Bodytalk still surprises me. Terryann facilitated a performance session for a root canal treatment. That is a session to prepare the body mind to any kind of medical intervention and make the most out of it. After the intervention I have no pain, nada, niet, zero. Not even the day after. Not even opening and closing the mouth- after you kept your mouth open for one hour the joints hurt usually, but no, not even that. All I read says pain and discomfort should subside in three to five days. The dentist said to take two Advil AND two Tylenol extra for pain.”

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