From Angela..

Another great story of the healing benefits of BodyTalk:


I have had quite a few sessions of BodyTalk with Terryann and I have to say that my life has been a steady increase in happiness and fulfillment as the sessions have helped me move past issues that had become such a part of my life that I never realized they were there.

I can feel my body open up and the energy move through the areas, leaving me feeling limber and healthy.  Pain has gone away and I have actually feel my body shift and change.  It has been some of the most incredible sensations.  My life has been richer and better and I look forward to each session as it helps me live a more incredible life.

Angela Soumalias, Montreal, Canada.






One thought on “From Angela..

  1. I have been receiving BodyTalk from Terryann since 2003 and have experienced phenomenal, tangible results, which eventually inspired me to learn and practice BodyTalk, too!

    Though at the time I may not have been able to understand the scope of the shifts that were occurring in my life, in retrospect I can now appreciate to what degree my sessions with Terryann have been of benefit, in all aspects.

    From chronic symptoms to addictions to career to relationships, I have experienced everything from improvements to full healing… if you haven’t tried BodyTalk yet, the time is now!


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