I recently had the opportunity to monitor BreakThrough with Terryann Nikides.  I had taken the class several years ago. I thought that the class was interesting and loved it but never followed through with receiving more steps or learning how to lead another through steps.

During the members conference 2009, Terryann  did a small informal presentation which I attended.  WOW!  I was so blown away at her skill, passion, and dedication for BreakThrough.  I knew I needed to learn this system and start using it for myself and my clients.  Terryann came several weeks ago to teach BreakThrough here in NC.  During the class I had such a huge shift in clarity of how our fragmented selves (that we hate to live into) are in front of us all the time!  We just can’t see it. We can only point fingers and say “it’s you, not me!”  “You act that way so I don’t have to.”   It’s such an interesting dance and so much fun to investigate how and why we act they way we do. The unconscious belief systems that are revealed are mind blowing.  The awareness that is gained is invaluable.  BreakThrough helps us reclaim those fragmented pieces to become whole again.  It’s so liberating!

During the class we had many opportunities to see Terryann in action, gently and skillfully leading steps.   We then got to practice in small groups and by the third day (of the practical)  I felt like i just might be able to lead steps.  I have been practicing ever since on anyone who will let me lead them and I have to say  “I JUST LOVE BREAKTHROUGH!”  So, if you haven’t taken the class ……… go now.  It will shift you into a new awareness in relationship to self and the world that is so freeing.  Oh yeah and it also makes your BodyTalk sessions very juicy!  I’m very much looking forward to BreakThrough 2.

Holly Steflik
Certified BodyTalk Instructor