Day 193: My Experiment

Day 193: My Experiment I have done so much for my healing and today all the symptoms of pain have returned. So……. the quote from Jung that I posted yesterday: “CHRISTIANS OFTEN ASK WHY GOD DOES NOT SPEAK TO THEM, AS HE IS BELIEVED TO HAVE DONE IN FORMER DAYS. WHEN I HEAR SUCH QUESTIONS, […]

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Testimonial: Group BodyTalk Session

Testimonial: Group BodyTalk Beauty Session with Terryann   “My deep appreciation for holding the Beauty Group Series! I can’t express enough the apparent benefits at each session and the compounded effects of the whole series. I truly feel that receiving this powerful short sessions regularly produced impressive results at all levels. My digestive system is […]

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Dose of Truth Podcast #18: The Handless Maiden Part 3

Dose of Truth Podcast #18: The Handless Maiden Part 3—Handless-Maiden-part-3-e2v6cs/a-a8vjur   Day 191: My Experiment: A little update: Body weight has been in stasis for awhile. Been taking Protandim and pain killers almost a month now. I am making minor adjustments to diet. I fly to SA Monday. Let’s see what the changes in […]

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