Day 24: My Experiment

August 8, 2018 Day 24: My Experiment: I am late writing today. Why you may ask? So much has changed  almost imperceptibly over the last 4-5 days. Today a cumulative effect is significantly perceptible.  I have had good days and bad days over the last 6 years. Mostly bad days and one memorable good day […]

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Lumps, Bumps, and Bulges Group BodyTalk Sessions   Some of us have lumps and bumps from being overweight, while others have a genetic predisposition to cystic type bodies. You might feel your breasts and/or fatty tissue and find it is lumpy. You may have benign tumours or cysts. Some of us have trauma that is […]

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Day 23: My Experiment

Day 23: My Experiment Tuesday the 7th of August 2018    Photo by qimono A sleepless night. I thought it was very strange till I received 2 sessions, BodyTalk and MM card session,  in my inbox this morning. Phew it blew my circuits. Pain is about the same as yesterday(continued improvement) 4-6/10. My head is […]

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Day 22: My Experiment

Day 22: August 6, 2018 My Experiment: As I sit here in the sweltering heat, sweat dripping down my neck and back , I can only think how happy I am. How such simple tasks bring joy… I woke this morning to 4/10 pain. I organized a closet, cleaned up the kitchen, arranged the sofa […]

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Day 21: My Experiment

Day 20: My Experiment August 5, 2018 The photo is of my rubber soled boots that help me walk ;and  those are my legs that have been living in pain. It is amazing that they do not look like anything is wrong with them. Such a peculiar thing eh. Today those legs are only throbbing […]

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Day 20: My Experiment

Day 20: My experiment -Photo By tiburi on Pixabay   Being in my body is paradoxical. My feel strong, alive and then there is the pain. I do not always experience in it as violently as today and yesterday. Last night I could hardly walk , holding furniture to get me from one place to […]

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Day 19: My Experiment

August 3, 2018 Day 19 of my meat experiment. The 10 days has been unlike the first 9 days of the experiment.  I have had a day with a nap after 5 days of unprecedented activity. That seemed quite reasonable. Yesterday I slept from 5pm to 10pm. I remained in bed till 5am sleeping most of […]

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