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Emotions, Active Memory, and Fat

Emotions, Active Memory, and Fat

Fat cells, like any other cell, has memory and emotion stored within. Each milligram of fat has consciousness, beliefs, attitudes and memories. It is clear weight is not a simple fat or food issue. Though of course eating right and maintaining a good body weight is essential.

Weight is a clear indicator that something is hidden from you and the fat protects you from seeing it.  Since sunlight is the best disinfectant then seeing what is in the fat and facing it is crucial.

What can be in the fat:

1- Food history: e.g: Bad eating habits

2- Genetic history and epigentics

3-Past lives: e.g: famine

4-Active Memory: e.g.Sexual abuse

5-Using food to control emotions and feelings.


These are a few topics we will work with for this BodyTalk session.

This will be an interactive session. You do NOT have to participate. You can listen during the live session or to the recording later.

Those of you who would like to engage please bring your questions and concerns.


Tuesday the 27th of August

Friday the 30th of August

Time: 11 am Eastern Standard Time

Where: Zoom.

Emotions, Memories, and Fat

Interactive Sessions on Emotions, memories, fat and more! Aug 27 and 30th at 11 am - 11:40 am Eastern time. Where: on Zoom



Once registered for the course (click the PayPal Link) you will be send a Zoom invite within 48 hours. Please email: if there are any problems.

Image courtesy of: Photosforyou on Pixabay


Diaphragmatic Breathing

A really good demonstration of diaphragmatic breathing by Jessica Hatchett.

Diaphragmatic breathing supports your well being. It  massages your internal organs, uses all your lungs capacity to take in O2, stress relief and much more.


It is said: “Perfect breath is perfect health.”




My Experiment Update

My Experiment Update:




My last blog post on my experiment was the 26th of January. At that point the pain returned with a vengeance and did not let up. I kept getting worse and worse. I was desperate, crying constantly from the pain, basically horrible. By April 9th my MD appointment was me crying and the Doc telling me to come back for 1 cortisone shot. I had to pick up the cortisone and go back to the doctor. Of course all of this movement was torture. I kept as still as possible. I did so tiny movements to keep up exercise. I was taking pain killers to no avail. I asked the Doc for an increase in dosage to see if I could get a few moments relief.  Nothing doing.

About a week after the Doctor’s visit I started THC and CBD but mostly THC. I started to sleep, the pain diminished. By the time a received a cortisone shot in my right hip on the 23rd of April I already had improvement. I started smiling again. I could speak. I was not clenching my jaw with every movement. My face relaxed. I can exercise a tiny bit. I did 7 minutes on a little stepper. That, for me,  is like climbing Mount Everest. I can do the  bridge and I did 3 20 second planks. This is all on a bed as the pain is too much on the floor. Though I am going to try to get on the floor this weekend.

I am unsure of the results of the cortisone shot as I was improving daily with THC. I will receive more shots to the left hip and the back and see if I get another boost forward.

Today, after a BodyTalk Session from Angie Tourani in Hong Kong, I was demonstrating to my physio the improvement in squatting. I expected to squat at the most at a 90 degree angle. Surprisingly I went right down to the ground. Mind you I was supported by a table and the arm of my physio. Despite that I was thoroughly flabbergasted. It has been about 6 or more years since I could squat.


I wrote this for those of you interested in my progress and techniques that have worked for me. I stopped writing as the pain was too intense and it would have been so depressing to write about how much pain I was in.


Here are the other thing I am doing for pain relief:




3-Homeopathy: Hekla Lava and Calcarea. Check here for the dosage for Spinal Stenosis.



6- Reiki

7-Massage Therapy

8- Daily self massage: Lymph drainage in the shower, magnesium oil  (i make it as concentrated as possible) post shower.

9-CBD and THC salve massaged into the skin.

10-Tumeric paste: About 3 teaspoons a day or more.

11-Low Carb (greens, fat, protein, water, vinegar)

12-Exercise recommended by Physio, Very gentle.

13-started some cardio after 7 years.

14-Cortisone shot to the hip. ( awaiting further shots.

15-Lyrica for pain- it does not always work but with THC it does. I can now sleep.

16-Magnesium: taking Calm powder and lots of it. Otherwise the legs and feet cramp up.

17-Rubber toe spacers to shift my posture. My toes bunch up and are pronated. This supports keep the toes on the ground.

18- BodyTalk sessions 2 times monthly

19- Access BodyTalk


21-Working with the imagery of the tarot to support healing.

22-Drinking only water: 2 liters regular water and 1 liter of sparkling water.

23-Fasting 16-20 hours between dinner and first meal of the day.

24-MCT oil in coffee.

25- Hair loss started Sept 2018 and continued till last month. Taking B’s. silica, extra Biotin, Zinc, D, E, Iodine.

26-Taking hormone energy medicine and herb for IBS.

27-Wearing a Tachyon pendant daily for 5 hours (soon it will be for 10 hours then I can wear it as long as I like). When I cannot walk in the morning I put on my Tachyon then pain and walking improve.

Well there may be more but right now those are the focus. Boy I did not realize all the things I do for healing!


Hope it helps someone out there…





BodyTalk Series on Sexual Abuse

3 Group BodyTalk Sessions on Sexual Abuse.


We will work through Active Memory of the abuse as well as subsequent active memories that have ingrained the trauma, BodyChemistry – STD’s, genital health, self-empowerment, love of sexuality and sensuality.


If you have specifics you want me to know please write to me directly at:

Dates: April 30th-May 14th 2019

Days: Tuesdays the 30th of April, the 7th and 14th of May.

Time: 11 am -11 :30 am

Where: Zoom

Once you register for this series you will be emailed the invitation to the Zoom sessions. If you cannot make it in person no worries you will be sent the video and audio of the sessions. Please give 24-48 hours for delivery of your invitation to your inbox. If you have any problems email:


Sign up here:

Series on Sexual Abuse

3 Group BodyTalk Sessions on Sexual Abuse



Image by Geralt on Pixabay.

Creativity Group BodyTalk Session

Group BodyTalk Sessions on Creativity

To create is to bring into existence.



Fear, impatience, limbo, resisting rest are just some impediments to creativity. Our identification with the mind and its stories, expectations, and rigid beliefs are further stumbling blocks to creativity. This session will focus on the physical, energetic, and mental obstructions to creativity.

 3 part series on creativity:

Day: Friday

Dates: March 15, 22, and 29, 2019

Time: 11 am Eastern Time.

Duration: 30 min

Where: Zoom or listen at your convenience. The sessions are recorded and sent to the email address you signed up with – please give time for downloading and sending of session.

Once you register you will receive an invite to the Zoom sessions. Please allow 48 hours to receive the link. If there are any problems please email:


As we move into spring and the energy builds these sessions will support resurrecting your creative, sexual, and sensual energy.


3 Creativity Sessions

Fear, impatience, limbo, resisting rest are just some impediments to creativity. Our identification with the mind and its stories, expectations, and rigid beliefs are further stumbling blocks to creativity. This session will focus on the physical, energetic, and mental obstructions to creativity. 






Stenosis Group Session: All forms of stenosis will be addressed

Stenosis Group BodyTalk session:

Friday the 15th of February 2019

11 am Eastern time

Once you register you will be emailed a link to the live session on Zoom.


Spinal Stenosis:

Group session will deal with inflammation, genetics, beliefs, pain, osteoarthritis, and bone spurs to support the body’s innate ability to heal.


and alternate forms of stenosis:


[stĕ-no´sis(pl. steno´ses)

an abnormal narrowing or contraction of a body passage or opening; called also arctationcoarctationand stricture.
aortic stenosis obstruction to the outflow of blood from the left ventricle into the aorta; in the majority of adult cases theetiology is degenerative calcific disease of the valve.
hypertrophic subaortic stenosis (idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis) a cardiomyopathy of unknown cause,in which the left ventricle is hypertrophied and the cavity is small; it is marked by obstruction to left ventricular outflow.
mitral stenosis a narrowing of the left atrioventricular orifice (mitral valvedue to inflammation and scarring; the causeis almost always rheumatic heart disease. Normally the leaflets open with each pulsation of the heart, allowing blood toflow from the left atrium into the left ventricle, and close as the ventricle fills again so that they prevent a backward flow ofblood. In mitral stenosis there is a resultant increase of pressure in the pulmonary artery and hypertrophy of the leftventricle. The usual treatment is surgical replacement of the valve.
pulmonary stenosis (PS) narrowing of the opening between the pulmonary artery and the right ventricle.
pyloric stenosis see pyloric stenosis.
renal artery stenosis narrowing of one or both renal arteries by atherosclerosis or by fibrous dysplasia or hyperplasia, sothat renal function is impaired (see ischemic nephropathy). Increased renin release by the affected kidney causesrenovascular hypertension, and bilateral stenosis may result in chronic renal failure.
spinal stenosis narrowing of the vertebral canal, nerve root canals, or intervertebral foramina of the lumbar spine,caused by encroachment of bone upon the space; symptoms are caused by compression of the cauda equina andinclude pain, paresthesias, and neurogenic claudication. The condition may be either congenital or due to spinaldegeneration.
subaortic stenosis aortic stenosis due to an obstructive lesion in the left ventricle below the aortic valve, causing apressure gradient across the obstruction within the ventricle. See also idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis.
subglottic stenosis stenosis of the trachea below the glottis. A congenital form results in neonatal stridor orlaryngotracheitisoften requiring tracheotomy but resolving with age. An acquired form is caused by repeatedintubations.
tracheal stenosis scarring of the trachea with narrowing, usually as a result of injury from an artificial airway or trauma.
tricuspid stenosis (TS) narrowing or stricture of the tricuspid orifice of the heart, a condition often seen in patients withsevere congestive heart failureusually the result of volume overload and pulmonary hypertension with rightventricular and tricuspid annular dilation.

Spinal Stenosis and varying forms of stenosis

You can email your particular stenosis to