Reach us through Skype

You can skype us and join our Monday night lectures!

Attendees are required to please:

1- Contact me by email to let me know which date and time you want to attend.
2- Add me to Skype: (please do this before the meeting)
My skype name is:
Terryann Nikides
3-To attend via skype there is a donation of 15$ per session. This is not required but if you can you will be helping us to continue this work and helps those who cannot afford to get ongoing work.
Payment methods:
Just join paypal then click “Send Money”
Go through the payment process and send it to
Contact me privately for credit card payment.
4-A microphone and speakers are required to hear the call and join in the fun.
5-So there are no distractions they must be in a quiet place to attend, phone turned off, away from animals or others.
If that is not possible then once you come online at 7pm Eastern standard time you can mute yourself when they not speaking.
Looking forward to seeing you there,

2 thoughts on “Reach us through Skype

  1. Hi I am Deborah Sinai, I am the cousin of Daniela sinai that did the breakt. course with you not long ago, I am currently in ittaly and I would like to have a meeting with you on skype . please let me know when and how.
    can I attend monday meetings , if is it 7pm for you ( canada time?) what time in Italy?
    thanking you in advance

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