Self-Inquiry Series

Missed the free session last week or still unsure, it’s not too late to join. Do you take things personally? Are you stuck in Blame, Guilt, and/or victimhood?Obsessively critique yourself? Do you never feel good enough? Are you your own worst enemy? If you ask any of these questions this course is for you Self-Inquiry […]

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Day 123: My Experiment

Day 123: My ExperimentNov 16, 2018    Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay Thinking is different from to think, Engaging with thoughts is often perceived as thinking. The Oxford dictionary defines think as​:​ “hav(ing) a particular belief or idea”; and thinking as​:​ “the process of considering or reasoning about something”. Most of us are under the spell […]

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Beauty and symmetry

This series is all about beauty. Face body, skin, hair, hydration, oxygenation, and the golden mean ration will be explored in a group BodyTalk Session. Looking forward to rejuvenating for the New Year.  The Golden Ratio or Fibonnaci Sequence determines the symmetry of face and body. The most beautiful are the most symmetrical.  You can […]

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Group Monday March 26

Good Morning, Hope everyone has had a great week. Group session on Monday March 26 at 7pm at Le Urban Retreat. You can join us in person or via skype. Never done it before? Follow the easy steps on the contact us page

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Group Session March 5 2012

Hello Everyone It’s been a busy few weeks with BreakThrough in Ireland and Ottawa. Terryann took her nephew with her to Ireland so stay tuned for a few pictures and a post about that. Group is back on for tonight. 7pm at Le Urban Retreat. Can’t come in person but would like to join in? You […]

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