Day 97: My Experiment

Day 97: My Experiment Oct 21, 2018 A long leisurely sleep last night. Rolled out of bed a bit ago. Over-tired still. YToday will be reading and luxuriating in “nothingness”. Get my nervous system back on track. Love to all #allmeat #keto #healingjourney #weightlossjourney #inspiration #leurbanretreat #bodytalk #breakthrough #healing #meat #love #relating #relationship #relationshipwithself #allergens […]

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Day 96: My Experiment

Day 96: My Experiment Oct 20, 2018     Photo by Soorelis on Pixabay Had a lovely evening with a cousin last night. We laughed of the old days. It is so strange how childhood comes back so vividly as one ages. Most of the adults walking around like zombies yet always one awake adult who […]

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Day 95: My Experiment

Day 95: My Experiment Oct 19, 2018  Photo by MarvelMozhko on Pixabay Amazing day yesterday. Today is the complete opposite, achy, head cloudy, and want to return to bed. Seems really cold out as well but not going to check. I had other proteins yesterday and that makes a difference-today will be all red meat. […]

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Day 94: My Experiment

Day 94: My Experiment Oct 18, 2018   Photo by Meat, meat, meat! Consistently stunning how healing red meat is. I had a steak last night – it is the 4th steak since I started this experiment. I feel wonderful this morning. Death and life are an intricate web eh. One of the most stunning transitions […]

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Day 93: My Experiment

Day 93: My Experiment Oct 17, 2018 Persephone is returning to the underworld. She leaves unusually cold weather for October. I have been using my Tens a lot the last few days and receiving BodyTalk for tense muscles. Legs are remaining steady, i.e no improvements these last days. I have some zero carb cream that […]

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Bones and Joints

    View John Treating Bones & Joints John Veltheim’s last remote group treatment focused on supporting and repairing the bones and joints. One of the key points was how naturally flexible, twist-able and bendable bones are supposed to be. John explained that “It’s viewed in our Western world with Western medical training, bones are […]

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