From Becoming to Being

We all live our lives for others. We want to be validated, liked, and loved by others. We have millions of shoulds and should nots as to how we must look, think and behave in the eyes of others. None of these self-criticisms are designed to bring about happiness FROM THE INSIDE. You don’t need to change yourself or your beliefs to be happy. All that is needed is a shift in perspective.

BreakThrough’s Seven Step deductive process is precisely designed to transform the way you see and experience your self.

In this two-day workshop you will become your own personal detective; exploring and uncovering the deep-seated, limiting beliefs that cause you to feel trapped in self-defeating behavior patterns; masking your feelings, guarding against hurt.

As a process of self-discovery, BreakThrough has ONE pre-requisite: commitment to your self.

Esther Veltheim – BreakThrough Founder

In 1990 Esther founded the BreakThrough System; an integral aspect of IBA’s curriculum. She has, subsequently, authoredBeyond Concepts – the investigation of who you are not; Who am I? – the seeker’s guide to nowhere, and the BreakThrough manuals. Together John Veltheim and Esther co-authored Reiki — the Science, Metaphysics and Philosophy.Born in Kent, England, Esther now resides in the USA.

She teaches internationally and gives ongoing teacher trainings in BreakThrough.


    1. Thanks Rob 🙂

      Wait till you see some of the new work-Masks and role playing. It is a mind blowing experience.

      We can see our false identities and the beliefs around them being played out! Again, as we all know, once you see it it no longer can have a hold on you.
      In the exercises in my last class I just watched the identies, stress, self-hatred, just melt away.



  1. Thank you Terryann for a wonderfully eye opening weekend. The class was amazing and it has done so much for my inner growth and peace of mind already. It will be great to see more people having access to the methods you teach. I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned from you, and attending further workshops. Best Regards, Patrick


    1. Hi Patrick,

      It was wonderful working with you. Your insights and bravery are awesome. Keep up the amazing work.


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