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BreakThrough 1 Practical Online US$

200.00 $

BreakThrough 1 Regular rate CDN $

There is only one reason you experience inner conflict;
someone other than you is living at the centre of your life. The BreakThrough System is a form of shadow work that unearths the gold within conflict. This weekend workshop will set you on a path of self-enquiry unlike any you have experienced before.
Pre-requisite: The yearning to take your own life into your own hands.

800.00 C$

BreakThrough 1 Early Bird Canadian Dollars

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740.00 C$

BreakThrough 1 Monitor fee with IBA membership. CDN $

200.00 C$

BreakThrough 1 Monitor Fee non-IBA member. CDN $

400.00 C$

BreakThrough 1 Practical

270.00 C$

BreakThrough 1 Online UK

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475.00 £

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Early Bird deadline: August 17, 2020

435.00 £

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118.75 £

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BreakThrough 1 Monitor Fee. Non- IBA member Bristish Pound

150.00 £

BreakThrough 1 Practical:

BreakThrough 1 Practical British Pound

The BreakThrough 1 Practical is an in depth look at BreakThrough’s 7 steps. Here is what a student had to say: “This course should be a required part of BreakThrough!. I would not miss it for the world.”

160.00 £

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