Emotions, Active Memory, and Fat

Emotions, Active Memory, and Fat Fat cells, like any other cell, has memory and emotion stored within. Each milligram of fat has consciousness, beliefs, attitudes and memories. It is clear weight is not a simple fat or food issue. Though of course eating right and maintaining a good body weight is essential. Weight is a […]

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Diaphragmatic Breathing

A really good demonstration of diaphragmatic breathing by Jessica Hatchett. Diaphragmatic breathing supports your well being. It  massages your internal organs, uses all your lungs capacity to take in O2, stress relief and much more.   It is said: “Perfect breath is perfect health.”      

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My Experiment Update

My Experiment Update:       My last blog post on my experiment was the 26th of January. At that point the pain returned with a vengeance and did not let up. I kept getting worse and worse. I was desperate, crying constantly from the pain, basically horrible. By April 9th my MD appointment was […]

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