Day 30 My Experiment:

My Experiment: Day 30 August 14, 2018 Ok I made it to the 30th day. I celebrated with a bout of the runs and lots of nausea. Now that it is over I am ready to continue for another 30 days. The transformations outweigh the disadvantages. Also I intuit that the toxins, lead, antimony and […]

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Day 29: My Experiment

Day 29: My Experiment August 13, 2018 Ok so I lifted a television yesterday, carried it down a flight of stairs, and loaded it in the car! Whoo hoo that was new. Also spend a few hours shopping, it was not easy but I got it done without the use of a carriage nor my […]

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Day 28: My Experiment

Day 28: My Experiment    August 12, 2018 I cycled back into tiredness and nausea the last 30 hours. Some other emissions I won’t describe this Sunday morning. I feel much better today. The bouts of tiredness and weakness are less. I still do too much when I have energy. I need to slow the […]

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Day 27: My Experiment

Saturday the 11th of August 2018. Photo of my improving legs.   Day 27: My Experiment   My sensitivity continues to be at its maximum. I can go from relaxed to a high tension in seconds. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back occurs more than once a day. My whole central nervous system […]

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Day 26: My Experiment

Day 26: My Experiment     August 10, 2018   Photo by Pixtomental1 As the meat diet clears my gut brain I become more sensitive, which I thought would be impossible,  to every noise, sound, emotion et al. The neediness of others highlights the needs in myself. Years of ignoring my own needs and masking it with […]

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Soul Responsibility Testimonial

Soul Responsibility Testimonial: I want to thank you deeply for holding this workshop which has given me the opportunity to observe significant and subtle changes in my life, I’m sure there were other changes I haven’t even observed. I’m also in gratitude to the group who shared such a strong energy and intuition, the Oneness […]

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Day 25: My experiment

Day 25: My Experiment -Photo by Pexels Admittedly the pain is not so great today but I can walk and take the stairs at a turtle’s pace. The rest of my body is transforming. The shape is changing, arms, legs, and waistline. The quality of the pain is different. Instead of a sheet of pain […]

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