When life is going well, we feel happy, everything is orderly, and we think all is fine; then, something pushes our buttons and we go into the same old same old behaviour patterns.  We find ourselves acting defensively, blaming others or ourselves, we go into a tailspin, we don’t know which way is up or which is down. We just want to stop our button from being pushed. We want to stop the person, place, thing, or event from continuing to trigger us.

We start listing a host of should’s and should not’s.  You should not have done that to me, you should stop doing what you are doing, you should do as I say, you should not do whatever you want, you should not be free to do what you want, and you should limit yourself! All of this to stop the feeling we have when we are hurt.  Our minds start running all over the place looking for solutions but we keep coming to the same old conclusions and behaviours.

We sometimes recognize this as our hurts while other times we just cope with the hurt and pain. We go to work shop after workshop telling us that we can become something better than what we are! We try to improve ourselves! And each time we are told that we are not as good as we could be, we reinforce how bad we are! So we search and search to find answers to why do we feel hurt, or feel bad, or over-react or are just resigned to coping in life!

Then a marvellous thing happens we find that we are just human.  We start to examine what it is to be human in a way that we have never done before.  We start to lift the masks that have been defensively protecting us and keeping us from living life in a healthy way.

In BreakThrough we look at how we have been living our lives up till this moment.  We examine aspects such as coping, our beliefs, responsibility, and what we believe about them.  When we start to see what we believe about life, ourselves, the world around us something miraculous starts to happen. We start to shift our perspective and life is seen as an adventure rather than something that needs to be controlled. Once we start to shift perspective we can deal with life in a healthy way rather than going into the same old unhealthy patterns of defensiveness, blame and victim consciousness, guilt, self-betrayal, living life for others and people pleasing.

BreakThrough takes us on a journey outside our boxes. The course challenges our beliefs and recipes for living in a compassionate and gentle way.  You will learn a seven step process that will guide you through your beliefs, recipes for living, masks, filters for living or rose coloured glasses, and your coping mechanisms to shifting perspective and living the healthy life you were always meant to live. Instead of becoming something we learn to live into what we have always been-whole!

Contact us at 514.575.7037

Email: leurbanretreat@gmail.com

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