About Us


“It is my mission to bring awareness of our selves, our lives, and the world around us by providing systems that can shed light on what stands in the way of living a full, healthy and joyful life.”

-Terryann Nikides, BA Psych.,
BreakThrough Instructor,
PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner
Reiki Master
Certified Massage Therapist

From an early age Terryann has had the gift of a highly developed sense of intuition. This sensitivity has allowed her to read people and see beyond the surface in many situations. Coupled with a lively curiosity, sense of adventure, thirst for knowledge and a deep desire to help others, she has pursued a most interesting path.

The need to find answers has led her to travel all over the world including Tibet, China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Europe, Brazil and Mexico. She has had an audience with the Dalai Lama and studied with spiritual master Daskalos in Cyprus. Her exposure to diverse cultures and teachings, holistic and spiritual, has given her an eclectic approach to understanding and dealing with people.

Every step of the way, painful or pleasurable, has contributed to the person Terryann is today. She is a compassionate healer and teacher with a twist of humor uniquely hers, qualities her clients greatly appreciate. She is an excellent Massotherapist and a highly respected Reiki Master who has initiated many Reiki practitioners.

She has brought BodyTalk to Montreal, Quebec. BodyTalk is a non-invasive, effective form of therapy that resynchronizes the body’s energy system thus enabling the body’s innate wisdom to operate at optimum levels leading to accelerated healing and well being.

She has helped many people shift perspective that led to a more meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling life. Terryann has taught BreakThrough in such countries as Canada, the UK, Hong Kong and in Africa. Her focus is to build a matrix that will expand these disciplines and in turn enrich people’s lives. She is also currently working on The Nikides System.

Terryann is a member of:

Contact us at 514.575.7037

Email: leurbanretreat@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I will never forget the intuitive reading I had with Terryann at Le Melange Magique, in which she told me about why a malevolent spirit was haunting our apartment, and she said it was a good thing we were leaving, because the place was going to burn. Almost exactly 6 mos later the place went up in flames—on All Saints Day, November 1, the day after Halloween. Everything happened just as Terryann said, and the details have never left me. I still have the tape of the recording done of the reading—amazing!

    Thank you, Terryann, for your wonderful gifts. Many blessings and peace. Namaste!


    1. Hi Karen,

      I am always amazed at what comes out of a reading. Thank you for you input and feedback – it is always a marvel what the universe offers as information.
      much love


  2. Hi Terryanne,
    I have taken the first level of Body Talk with Karen..loved it and would like to know the best way to get an appointment with you. I do know you travel alot…Thanks



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