Every Tuesday at 12pm EST I host a free weekly world healing session. It’s purpose is to help connect us, ground us and heal us.

The session started at the beginning of the covid lockdown as a way to deal with the stress and make sense of everything that was happening.

It is now growing into a beautiful little community of people taking a weekly break together to help themselves, each other and the world around them.

Session are on zoom you can join us here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7828199120

Time: 12pm EST


Morning Terryann,

That session was phenomenal.  I got up from there and it was like it flicked a switch and I felt wonderful. Thank you so much. After 6 days of the runs that was a wonderful experience

🙏💜Gillian Higginson

World Session testimonial

The World Session has been a place to heal with the community for a year already. Each session led by Terryann feels very powerful to address personal and community issues in the emotional, physical, mental aspects. Without a doubt these sessions have been key getting me through the covid situation at ease. I have been learning effective tools and techniques to use them with myself, family, clients in moments of distress. My deepest gratitude for these sessions. 
~ Martha

1 Comment

  1. Looking forward to this World Session and the Self-Inquiry today Terryann! Wonderful sessions to develop our own self-reflective skills so we get to know ourselves intimately. Highly appreciated.


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