Do you take things personally?

Are you stuck in Blame, Guilt, and/or victimhood?

Obsessively critique yourself?

Do you never feel good enough?

Are you your own worst enemy?

Self-Inquiry is the clearest route to cutting through the dross. The mind is doing exactly what it is designed to do, much like the colon does what it does. Our involvement in thoughts is much the same as believing that our excrement tells us who and what we are. Imagine your poop telling you “You are not good enough!”

Self-Inquiry will cut through the dross and reveal what has been there all along: You are perfect warts and all.

Join me as we break through our assumptions about ourselves and life.

Caroline Linton BrI and Terryann Nikides SrBrI are alternatively hosting a self-inquiry series.

Time: 1 PM – 3 PM Eastern time

Day: Tuesdays At 1pm eastern time(New York)

After registering you will receive a welcome email. If you do not receive it in 24 hours please email me at :

According to GDPR regulations the following form is required so you can attend. Please inform you would like to attend and fill out this waiver.

Self-Inquiry testimonial

The Self-Inquiry Satsang group has led me to honour the job of the intellect to discern, to clarify, to do a proper judgement instead of identifying with the story, the incessant thoughts going through my mind that only get me lost. It has helped me to see the apathy in which I was leading my life, to see the conceptual contradiction. The practice of self-inquiry process brings me to being with the truth, to be curious, to be aware and alive. Terryann and Caroline are great leaders who have been taking us through this wonderful fulfilling journey. My deepest appreciation to them. -Martha

Self-Inquiry Single Session

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