Emotions, Active Memory, and Fat

Emotions, Active Memory, and Fat

Fat cells, like any other cell, has memory and emotion stored within. Each milligram of fat has consciousness, beliefs, attitudes and memories. It is clear weight is not a simple fat or food issue. Though of course eating right and maintaining a good body weight is essential.

Weight is a clear indicator that something is hidden from you and the fat protects you from seeing it.  Since sunlight is the best disinfectant then seeing what is in the fat and facing it is crucial.

What can be in the fat:

1- Food history: e.g: Bad eating habits

2- Genetic history and epigentics

3-Past lives: e.g: famine

4-Active Memory: e.g.Sexual abuse

5-Using food to control emotions and feelings.


These are a few topics we will work with for this BodyTalk session.

This will be an interactive session. You do NOT have to participate. You can listen during the live session or to the recording later.

Those of you who would like to engage please bring your questions and concerns.


Tuesday the 27th of August

Friday the 30th of August

Time: 11 am Eastern Standard Time

Where: Zoom.

Emotions, Memories, and Fat

Interactive Sessions on Emotions, memories, fat and more! Aug 27 and 30th at 11 am - 11:40 am Eastern time. Where: on Zoom



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