My Experiment Update:




My last blog post on my experiment was the 26th of January. At that point the pain returned with a vengeance and did not let up. I kept getting worse and worse. I was desperate, crying constantly from the pain, basically horrible. By April 9th my MD appointment was me crying and the Doc telling me to come back for 1 cortisone shot. I had to pick up the cortisone and go back to the doctor. Of course all of this movement was torture. I kept as still as possible. I did so tiny movements to keep up exercise. I was taking pain killers to no avail. I asked the Doc for an increase in dosage to see if I could get a few moments relief.  Nothing doing.

About a week after the Doctor’s visit I started THC and CBD but mostly THC. I started to sleep, the pain diminished. By the time a received a cortisone shot in my right hip on the 23rd of April I already had improvement. I started smiling again. I could speak. I was not clenching my jaw with every movement. My face relaxed. I can exercise a tiny bit. I did 7 minutes on a little stepper. That, for me,  is like climbing Mount Everest. I can do the  bridge and I did 3 20 second planks. This is all on a bed as the pain is too much on the floor. Though I am going to try to get on the floor this weekend.

I am unsure of the results of the cortisone shot as I was improving daily with THC. I will receive more shots to the left hip and the back and see if I get another boost forward.

Today, after a BodyTalk Session from Angie Tourani in Hong Kong, I was demonstrating to my physio the improvement in squatting. I expected to squat at the most at a 90 degree angle. Surprisingly I went right down to the ground. Mind you I was supported by a table and the arm of my physio. Despite that I was thoroughly flabbergasted. It has been about 6 or more years since I could squat.


I wrote this for those of you interested in my progress and techniques that have worked for me. I stopped writing as the pain was too intense and it would have been so depressing to write about how much pain I was in.


Here are the other thing I am doing for pain relief:




3-Homeopathy: Hekla Lava and Calcarea. Check here for the dosage for Spinal Stenosis.



6- Reiki

7-Massage Therapy

8- Daily self massage: Lymph drainage in the shower, magnesium oil  (i make it as concentrated as possible) post shower.

9-CBD and THC salve massaged into the skin.

10-Tumeric paste: About 3 teaspoons a day or more.

11-Low Carb (greens, fat, protein, water, vinegar)

12-Exercise recommended by Physio, Very gentle.

13-started some cardio after 7 years.

14-Cortisone shot to the hip. ( awaiting further shots.

15-Lyrica for pain- it does not always work but with THC it does. I can now sleep.

16-Magnesium: taking Calm powder and lots of it. Otherwise the legs and feet cramp up.

17-Rubber toe spacers to shift my posture. My toes bunch up and are pronated. This supports keep the toes on the ground.

18- BodyTalk sessions 2 times monthly

19- Access BodyTalk


21-Working with the imagery of the tarot to support healing.

22-Drinking only water: 2 liters regular water and 1 liter of sparkling water.

23-Fasting 16-20 hours between dinner and first meal of the day.

24-MCT oil in coffee.

25- Hair loss started Sept 2018 and continued till last month. Taking B’s. silica, extra Biotin, Zinc, D, E, Iodine.

26-Taking hormone energy medicine and herb for IBS.

27-Wearing a Tachyon pendant daily for 5 hours (soon it will be for 10 hours then I can wear it as long as I like). When I cannot walk in the morning I put on my Tachyon then pain and walking improve.

Well there may be more but right now those are the focus. Boy I did not realize all the things I do for healing!


Hope it helps someone out there…





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