Boundaries: 4 Group BodyTalk Sessions

Boundaries: 4 Group BodyTalk Sessions

Our boundaries are elusive and easily transgressed. To resolve the latter we feel the need to “establish” boundaries transforming them into defenses. Defenses are very antithesis of alive boundaries: defenses are stymied, dead, and rigid.

We are part of nature and just as nature alters so do we. “Setting” boundaries is a disservice to ourselves and only serves to ignore the flow of life.

As swiftly as our moods change so do our boundaries. Today we may enjoy loud music whilst the next day we may cringe and block our ears. Hence tightening or loosening boundaries is natural.

The aliveness of a boundary is belayed by feelings of: I cannot say no. Love and acceptance are often more important than the flow of life and boundaries. We prefer to defend ourselves by creating rules for living subsequently usurping our boundaries.

Defenses contribute to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and panic.  The more defensive the more energy is used to transmute natural energy, feelings, sensations, discernment and truths into deceptions, secrecy, filters, hypocrisy, lack of self-awareness, and judgement. Behind the wall of defenses that are deceptively called boundaries: some feel overwhelmed by a world closing in on them whilst others feel alone.

Boundaries are flexible.  Boundaries are part of the flow of life, often changing slightly or a lot. Just as in summer we wear very little in the heat whilst in winter we are covered up and often only our eyes show when the temperatures are way below freezing. We renegotiate boundaries through trial and error. Like the wind how we feel and experience the world changes hence so do our  boundaries.


The Group Series will start on the Pink Moon: Friday April 19th and End on May 10th.

Days; Fridays

Date: April 19th – May 10th

Time: 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time – New York time zone.

Where: On Zoom

Once you sign up please give 2-3 days for your invitation to arrive. If there is a problem email:

4 Group BodyTalk Sessions: Boundaries

4 group BodyTalk Sessions with Senior Instructor Terryann Nikides. Time to tune into your boundaries and how you feel not how you think you feel!



Testimonial after a Boundary Group Session:


I noticed a few times I am much more aloof & reserved around people lately.
When I don’t feel good I do this more often for myself.
This feels really respectful to me. And like I’m taking care of me more.
I also noticed I am more vocal when I have to speak up.
I’m less agreeable. Finally. I’m agreeable when it feels ok for me.
I am no longer agreeable against my own wishes to keep the peace.
I’m less worried about voicing my displeasure to someone when necessary.
I don’t feel the need to say hi to others as much.
I have less need to make others feel comfortable so then I can be.
I’ve been paying way more attention to myself than others around me.


– Anonymous









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