March 2019 Online BreakThrough Study group.

  This study group is open to everyone. We will interactively explore the concepts of BreakThrough monthly. Such as: Defenses, conflict, over-reactions, reactions, responsibility, coping, and proof of doubt. This month we will examine reactions and over-reactions(under-reactions). BreakThrough Senior Instructor, Terryann Nikides, will also lead a BreakThrough Steps process. Each time someone is led through […]

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Creativity Group BodyTalk Session

Group BodyTalk Sessions on Creativity To create is to bring into existence.   Fear, impatience, limbo, resisting rest are just some impediments to creativity. Our identification with the mind and its stories, expectations, and rigid beliefs are further stumbling blocks to creativity. This session will focus on the physical, energetic, and mental obstructions to creativity. […]

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