BreakThrough 1 Brighton UK 2020

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Are you your own worst enemy?

Do you limit self-expression to avoid conflict?

When something upsets you is it hard to let go of?

Discover the Healing Nature of Conflict with

The BreakThrough System



Using seven questions and an experience that has upset you, you explore the

story of conflict. Each question takes you deeper within yourself to discover what

the outer conflict is trying to awaken inside you. And in the process you discover

that, within the greatest conflicts, life is always working in mysterious ways to

bring about your healing. Using BreakThrough’s specially designed system, you

will discover that conflict holds all the clues and keys to living life fully and to

simply being yourself.

For Articles, Testimonials, and Venuve scroll down.


Early Bird Payment by August 6, 2019:




Early Bird Payment BreakThrough 1

Early bird: For payment 30 days in advance of the course.




Regular Price:




BreakThrough 1

Shift your perspective on Conflict and set yourself free.



Payment for Monitoring:




Monitoring Fee, IBA membership required.

For Students who have already taken BreakThrough 1



BreakThrough 1 Monitor Fee. Non- IBA member



BreakThrough 1 Practical:



BreakThrough 1 Practical

The BreakThrough 1 Practical is an in depth look at BreakThrough's 7 steps. Here is what a student had to say: "This course should be a required part of BreakThrough!. I would not miss it for the world."





Terryann Nikides B.A Psych, SrBrI, Br1 Instructor, ParBP, Reiki Master, Massotherapist. Terryann is Montreal born. She has traveled extensively to such places as Tibet, India, and Egypt. She has explore different systems of self-investigation; Terryann now teaches BreakThrough internationally and practices PaRamaBodyTalk and BreakThrough in Montreal, internationally, and online.


Local Co-ordinator:  Myriam Machado Baker


Register with IBA here:

BreakThrough 1 Encinitas, CA

BreakThrough 1 Practical Encinitas CA


Article on BreakThrough by the founder Esther Veltheim:

Healing Nature of Conflict



Holly’s Testimonial

South Africa Testimonial


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(760) 525-0883



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