Day 171-179: My Experiment


“The freedom that is reflected in your understanding-freedom from guilt, freedom from pride, freedom from hate and envy-which means what? Freedom from involvement. It is the involvement which causes unhappiness, a little bit of unhappiness, a lot of unhappiness. So accepting what happens as something with which Ashika cannot be involved and over which Askika has no control at all-this is the freedom that whatever is happening is beyond the control of anyone. Therefore whatever is happening is just accepted as something which is supposed to happen-and not by the will of any individual.”

Ramesh Balsekar to Ashika in Who cares? p.52


A little update: I have been taking analgesics that have helped me move and do some exercises. Using Protandim, homeopathy, physio, BodyTalk, Reiki, and massage in consort to heal this body!


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