BodyTalk Group Sessions on Sleep tomorrow: Dec 18th, 2018 at 11am.

  Sleep “Sleep is that golden chain that ties our health and our bodies together.”      -Thomas Dekker     Group BodyTalk Session on Sleep:   What keeps us awake at night? Food, digestion, hormone imbalance, a disconnect between the Pineal-pituitary, overthinking, stress, screen time, trauma, chronic fatigue, adrenal overwhelm, pain, past life, nightmares.   Join […]

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Day 152: My Experiment

Day 152: My Experiment Dec 15, 2018 The first session in the Beauty Series integrated Tensegrity, the Golden Mean Ratio, and the Fibonnaci sequence to the Face, organs, Kundalini, and of course the mind. After the session I was able to walk for 2.5 hours and do some shopping. The stenosis acted up by the […]

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Day 150 & 151: My Experiment

Day 150 & 151: My Experiment Dec 14, 2018 The mind swiftly lines up the past and the future occluding the present moment. Fears, worries, anger, stress, depression, anxiety, paranoia, manipulation, the list is seemingly endless, collect like lint on our memories and projections. To protect ourselves from the unknown we project a hell of […]

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Day 149: My Experiment

Day 149: My Experiment A little update on my legs: The physio concluded lumbar spinal stenosis. Time to get BodyTalk to work its magic! Anyone else have stenosis? Would be great to do group sessions for the exponential effect of more people. Let me know.    

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Day 146 & 147: My Experiment

Day 146 & 147: My Experiment Old psychoanalytic dictum: Anything you repress comes back with a vengeance. The creativity group session is tomorrow. Nurturing the creative that sits under a pile of to do lists might be just what is needed for the Holiday season.  Sign up here:     Friday begins the series on […]

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Day 145: My Experiment

Day 145: My Experiment Dec 8, 2018   “That which you avoid compulsively you almost always create.” – Stefan Molyneux   Sorry for my tardiness. I cannot sleep from the pain in my legs and can barely walk. I am moving very slowly. I am starting all meat again today so let’s see if that […]

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Day 144: My Experiment

Day 144: My Experiment Dec 7, 2018 Well back home and definitely miss this:   This morning there is no reprieve from the pain of walking on knives. Maybe a few days of not moving will help, though that is not a pleasant thing to say:-( Hope everyone is well. What a gorgeous day in […]

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