Day 156: My Experiment

Day 156: My Experiment Dec 19, 2018 The slowness of the winter solstice is creeping up. It becomes harder and harder to do all the activities of only a few weeks ago. Time feels as though it has slowed to a snail’s pace and energy is at a low ebb.  The tarot card I pulled […]

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Day 155: My Experiment

Day 155: My Experiment Dec 18, 2018   As we approach the Solstice on Friday the 21st of December everything is slowing down. To care for yourself make sure you are slowing down along with the season. Your body knows what to do. You might feel sluggish, then go with it. Resisting, pushing, trying are […]

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BodyTalk Group Sessions on Sleep tomorrow: Dec 18th, 2018 at 11am.

  Sleep “Sleep is that golden chain that ties our health and our bodies together.”      -Thomas Dekker     Group BodyTalk Session on Sleep:   What keeps us awake at night? Food, digestion, hormone imbalance, a disconnect between the Pineal-pituitary, overthinking, stress, screen time, trauma, chronic fatigue, adrenal overwhelm, pain, past life, nightmares.   Join […]

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Day 152: My Experiment

Day 152: My Experiment Dec 15, 2018 The first session in the Beauty Series integrated Tensegrity, the Golden Mean Ratio, and the Fibonnaci sequence to the Face, organs, Kundalini, and of course the mind. After the session I was able to walk for 2.5 hours and do some shopping. The stenosis acted up by the […]

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