Day 166: My Experiment

Dec 30, 2018

The analgesics have given me some mobility. Of course as usual I over-did movement yesterday. I did all my exercises and cleaned out a whole closet. Whoosh the analgesics are struggling to make things right today.

Here’s to all the new treatments I will be getting in the new year and to all of your healing.

The adage “healer, heal thyself” is what so many healers go through to do their work.  John Veltheim once explained: disease is an indication that the BodyMind is working through conflict. In fact, the BodyMind is healthy when it is working through conflict. Sometimes someone appears super healthy, never gets colds, never sick and drops dead of a heart attack at 40. This is one example of a BodyMind that does not go through conflict and is actually unhealthy.

This year I wish that you shift your perspective on conflict. Nothing is as it seems.

Happy New Year!




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