Day 163-165: My Experiment

Dec 29, 2018

I have been taking analgesics. They do help with the pain but I get quite dizzy. The pleasure of being able to move without searing pain outweighs the dizziness. The next days I my posts may continue to be sporadic as I acclimatize to the analgesics.

Also found a new product I am going to try called Protandim. Here is some information I have copied and pasted below, in case you are interested.

Nutrigenomics:  naturally occurring compounds that affect your genetic expression.  Changing your health at the foundational level.

“Nrf2 only patented activator in the work, no other company can say that. Fights free radicals 1,000,000 : 1, no one else can say that, turns on cells stress response mechanisms

12 year federally funded study by National Institute of Ageing , only product proven to extend life.  After age 20 the aging process starts.”

I just started watching the videos I have been sent.

Some results:

One man’s warts fell off in bed.

Autistic child who could not speak (told he would never speak) began speaking.

68 year old male: Psoriasis gone and stenosis pain gone.

Well you can watch the rest:



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