Day 162: My Experiment

Dec 26, 2018


Today I went back to the Doctor for two reasons. One my uterus was doing something weird and spinal stenosis.

The uterus is prolapsed – there is some urgency to check the kidneys. I won’t go into it all but the ultrasound is Friday -that will let us know if there is an emergency situation or not.

Ok so that is covered. Now the pain!! It got put on the back burner once again due to the prolapse. Since that was the case I asked for a handicapped sign for parking. She said I was no where near needing a handicapped sign. Well you can imagine the flood gates opened, I gave as clear a picture of how limited my life has been for the last 5-6 years. Of course I apologized profusely for crying. But once the gates were open  could hardly stop.

She replied that I was very good at hiding how much I am suffering. I am still flabbergasted. Everyone tells me all my feelings are written all over my face, yet this incredible, debilitating, going on depressing pain is NOT!


Ok all my shock aside. She actually prescribed analgesics for the pain and to continue the diet and physio. Anything else I want to try as well.

I just took the first analgesic. I have my fingers crossed that even a bit of pain decrease will be helpful! Got some curcumin and devil’s claw to take as well.

I am also awaiting some homeopathy for foramenal stenosis. Doc confirmed it is foramenal.

There you go – something is about to change for me. Also very excited that the homeopathy will actually work for me. It takes about 4 months to notice the difference.


If anyone wants to read about stenosis and homeopathy click here.IMG_1681.JPG

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  1. Terry Ann my heart goes out to you! I remember when my husband could not get out of bed, feed himself or dress himself. He would go to the Doctor and he would send him home. I got so upset that I went in with him.the doctor sees you sitting on the chair for 7.5 minutes (appointment time in SK) and sees nothing of what it took you to get there! Good for you that you opened the floodgates. We must remember they are tactile. Words mean very little you have to show them action! Love and prayers my friend hope you got results from the ultrasound!


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