Day 155: My Experiment

Dec 18, 2018


As we approach the Solstice on Friday the 21st of December everything is slowing down. To care for yourself make sure you are slowing down along with the season. Your body knows what to do. You might feel sluggish, then go with it. Resisting, pushing, trying are anathema to health.

Some of you have asked how I am doing:

Whilst away I overdid walking. I have not yet recovered. I am doing a new exercise for the stenosis which alleviates the pain whilst doing the exercise but has now loosened the spine. As a result Sacrum pain has commenced. I am holding strong despite the exhaustion from protracted pain and difficulty walking. Doctor on the 26th- maybe a medical solution in sight?

Have a lovely Tuesday


Let it snow..let it snow..let it snow…so pretty…








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