Day 152: My Experiment

Dec 15, 2018

The first session in the Beauty Series integrated Tensegrity, the Golden Mean Ratio, and the Fibonnaci sequence to the Face, organs, Kundalini, and of course the mind.

After the session I was able to walk for 2.5 hours and do some shopping. The stenosis acted up by the end of the time. The night was difficult. Did BodyTalk Access in the evening and the morning and now able to move about!

Anyone who wants to give some feedback on the first session would love to hear from you. You can post on this website in the comments section.


BarbaraALane fractal.jpg



  1. Hello Terryann! I’d love to share how powerful this first session was during and certainly after. I immediately felt how my spine was elongating and getting flexible, today I was feeling as if I had done a lot of back exercises, feeling strong and with great posture. I also see how my face skin is more hydrated, these among other changes. Overall, it is a deep sense of bringing the beauty from the essence to all the cells in the body. I’m so looking forward to the next sessions! With deep gratitude, Martha

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