Day 146 & 147: My Experiment

Old psychoanalytic dictum:

Anything you repress comes back with a vengeance.

The creativity group session is tomorrow. Nurturing the creative that sits under a pile of to do lists might be just what is needed for the Holiday season.  Sign up here:



Group BodyTalk Session on Creativity

You can listen online at the time of the session or Listen to the audio recording of the session at your leisure.


Friday begins the series on Beauty.

The focus will be on the golden mean ratio throughout the body. Symmetry within and without. We think mostly about the face and body’s physical beauty but this will include the symmetry within the cells, DNA, Kundalini. This 5 part series will take a comprehensive look at symmetry or better yet what asymmetry is causing distortions such as pain, self-sabotage, repeated behaviour and emotions, withholding and holding, Microbiome issues, digestive system, sexual issues, all systems of the body, beliefs that are reflecting dysfunction in the body mind and so on.

More on group sessions: dates/times etc click here

Sign up here:


5 Group BodyTalk Sessions on Beauty








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