Learning and Unlearning

By Caroline Davie



Photo by Bruce Mars on Pexels


I have been having such amazing insights this year. They have been triggered by the work I have been doing with Terryann Nikides. She offers and online course called Soul Responsibility. I am so drawn to the work I am hoping to be able to run classes myself next year.

The work involves questioning. We question assumptions we have made in our lives. We live by these assumptions and we live by them quite unconsciously. Questioning allows us to look at what is really happening, what we are actually living and then from there, decide if it works for us or not.

My experience has been that once I see how I have been operating in my life, truly seeing it for what it is, I REALLY don’t like it. The realisation is often accompanied by a rise of emotions that I have an opportunity to release. The most critical step of our work is to then TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for how we have been operating – even though it has been unconscious till this point, we need to take responsibility for operating in this way.

The result is a powerful shift in my body and mind. My entire system needs to reset itself now that the old operating system has been identified and bought to the light. IT cannot work in the same way as it did before. My nervous system changes and my brain wiring changes and my body changes. The BEST part for me, is that the way I move through my life begins to change.

I am far more relaxed in my life. I am WAY more comfortable with the choices I make for myself and my family. I am quite radical and go against mainstream in my personal choices, so I am feeling more confident and free in my choices. I guess I am not so worried about what others think about my choices. I am happy that I have made the choices for the right reasons just for me.

I am seeing myself and whole and complete for the first time in my life.

What a blessing

Love Caroline


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