Day 129: My Experiment

Nov 22, 2018    Photo by CDJ on Pixabay

Lies and Manipulation

Aspects of self that are considered demonic hence unsafe are relegated to the unconscious mind early in childhood. The acceptable identities are lived into rigidly accepting only one side of the coin. All the while our shadow is hectored through personal manipulation into apparent oblivion. Of course rejection does not annihilate any identity. The un-lived facets of self lay in wait demonically or angelically projected onto the other

When we fall in love we see the gold from rejected shadow projected onto the other. Falling head over heels in love, unbeknownst to us, is falling in love with the rejected parts of self. When we hate, the same dynamic occurs, the rejected shadow is reflected negatively onto the other.


The unlived aspects of self are lurk in the shadows like neglected children beaten and hidden away in the cellar. They call to us through catalyzing experiences bringing themselves to our awareness. We either listen with compassion or lash out at others and/or ourselves aggressively (or passive aggressively). Aggressive (or passive aggressive) manipulation of ourselves and others arises as virtuous when we perceive ourselves as the victim. We perceive neglecting parts of ourselves to the darkness as virtuous! Victim-blame consciousness is the stranglehold the conscious mind adheres to justify manipulation and abuse. Ironically manipulation and abuse are heralded as proper etiquette when avoiding the shadow.

We make irresponsible excuses and look for those who have common ground with our defensiveness saying: “but so and so agrees with me.” As if validation of manipulation and its consequent abuses are justified.  As we know such thinking is averse to autonomy and healthy relationships.

Ultimately the unlived identities betray us perpetuating lies and manipulation of ourselves and others. Self-ignorance results in construing our stories into a myriad of convoluted perceptions of reality. Along with omissions and lack of compassion that further enable self-betrayal. Co-dependently we rely on misjudgements as validation for victim hood and concomitant blame. Co-dependency with self-betrayal, irresponsibility, guilt, and cowardice become fiendish bedfellows that turn on us like a rabid dog. All of this results as validation of a false sense of security.

We become the bearers of judgement and lay blame at the feet of the other when all the while there is no blame. The only requirement is responsibility to our selves no matter what the experience. Otherwise we are lost in continued manipulation, deceit, abuse, and irresponsibility.

Compassion rises when compassion rises for the rejected elements of self. Then we are free.


GDJ on Pixabay

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