Day 126: My Experiment
Nov 19, 2018  Photo by Evangeline Soumalias
Over-Reactions are alarm bells.
Over-reactions are warning signals informing us of a underlying wounds that cry out for our attention. Our rigidly adapted coping mechanisms usually shut down and suppress the wound. Much like putting a band-aid on a cut. When the cut becomes infected and dripping with puss, we say “ah its fine. I have dealt with it.”
Our natural spontaneous reactions or responses to life have been suppressed under a myriad of beliefs about ourselves and life. When a  flurry of emotions and thoughts are catalyzed by some stimulus the mind urges us to repress, suppress, lash out, blame and victimize. The barrage of emotions and thoughts give rise to the thought: “I am losing control” and “I must regain control.” Control we never had. That is not to say we do not have healthy control. For the better part most control is causative and limiting. Such control leads to limited, black and white thinking. The imagination is curtailed by misperceptions of “what is” tangled up in expected outcomes. Outcomes laid out by the mind’s use of the past to project onto the future. We do not see the present afresh but rather mired in filters of the old placed on the new. Robotically we deal with the present in light of the past.
The place we come from is usually a convoluted mess of assumptions and defenses. Granted those defenses and assumptions kept us safe in childhood.  Once we are adults those childhood beliefs, much like Santa and the tooth fairy, are futile.  The rigid beliefs have kept us safe for so long. The rules and recipes for living have become our bible. We cannot perceive any other way of living whilst our perceptions are filtered by beliefs and their concomitant emotions.
The moment we are triggered into over-reaction an opportunity arises, despite how terrible it feels. Childhood wounding is calling out to us. It is letting us know it is there and wants our attention. This is the moment to do the work. Get beyond the defenses, coping, irresponsibility and free ourselves from limitation.
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Photo Courtesy of Evangeline Soumalias
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Amitiés sincères,

Warm Regards,


Terryann Eleftheria  Nikides, 
B.A. Psych., Par BP, CBP,SrBrI
Nothing ever goes wrong.
     -Nisargadatta Maharaj

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