Day 125: My Experiment
Nov 18, 2018   Photo by solut_rai on Pixabay
solut_rai on Pixabay.jpg
“The unexamined life is not worth living.”
In a seemingly innocuous conversation with a stranger something the following stood out: She said: “I believe humans are different from animals. Humans are chaotic.” I spontaneously replied: ” But chaos is feminine, we must embrace our feminine.” She was called away….
As I sit here in the quiet of the early hours of the morning staring at the blank page. There is no-thing. I sit apparently passively, but, no there is a constant flux. I may not move but something deep is brewing. She, the feminine, lays in the dark stirring, slowly breaking the silence. Her vibration is felt. My fingers begin to move. She tells the masculine what to do and he does her bidding. She needs shelter, he gets it. She needs money, he works. She wants to study and he does so. Her intuition and guidance support his inspiration and vision. Her grounding supports him when he flies too high. When she falls wallowing deep in the rabbit hole he pulls her up.
Each and everyone of us does this dance of masculine and feminine, even if unconsciously. Though,what remains unconscious can ideologically arise as hatred and disdain for the sacred. Destruction and creation, order and chaos, disruption and constancy are sacrosanct dances. We either walk the razor’s edge between the tension of opposites or we value one over the other. When the latter occurs we lose perspective and cling to one side of the story. Ultimately ideologically possessed. Conflict ensues and misperceptions: such as blame, victim hood, inflexibility, manipulation, and abuse, arise from ignorance. Constantly catalyzed by anyone or anything that does not agree with a personal narrative. Taking sides is a betrayal of self.
As we walk the razor’s edge between the tension of opposites we find the space needed for healthy living.

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