Day 123: My ExperimentNov 16, 2018    Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

Thinking is different from to think,

Engaging with thoughts is often perceived as thinking. The Oxford dictionary defines think as​:​ “hav(ing) a particular belief or idea”; and thinking as​:​ “the process of considering or reasoning about something”. Most of us are under the spell of the mind and believe​(think) ​that thoughts are thinking. They are obviously not. Thinking is critical​. Thinking questions a thought, belief, or idea. ​Questioning reveals the validity or fallaciousness of a particular idea, thought, or idea. Inasmuch the truth is revealed. 
Seeking the truth  will free you from conflict, tension, and falling prey to self-betrayal. It is certain we cannot communicate if we assume what others mean. 

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