Day 121: My Experiment

Nov 14, 2018

A little update:
This 121 day journey has been phenomenal. My brain has been functioning a whole lot better and I am able to do some stretches. They are such simple stretches but feel so good to be able to do them.
I can now lift my leg at a 90 degree angle supported by a chair. The leg can be rotated, albeit with tons of difficulty, at different angles. I have energy to do a few exercises during the day as well as way more alacrity when making the bed, sweeping, and using the stairs. Energy levels are up as well. Seems that being in pain 24/7 wears a being out! Up at 4 and can keep awake till 9pm! Whoot.
Thank you for your support and kindness during this healing. I will be sending out some more podcasts in the next days for your enjoyment!
Love to all…
#healing #love #allmeat #xvegetarian #nocarbs #compassion #bodytalk #breakthrough #change #freedom #changeyourlife #nopushing #gentleness #kindness #spellofthemindbroken #norigidbeliefs #beliefs #inspiration #relationships



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