Day 120: My Experiment

Nov 13, 2018

Stories …

Stories from our personal perspective rule our lives. We experience life in the flow when there is no separation between the individual and the object. The moment we notice the object, person, place, and/or experience, separation occurs. If an event or circumstance contravenes our beliefs, identities, masks, or whatever cloaking mechanism we use to cope with unconscious rejection of un-lived fragments of self, separation of self from the object results.

As adults we can shed light on the beliefs and identities that filter our perceptions. Beliefs and identities clearly require limitation of self and others. Self-betrayal upholds fallaciously filtered perceptions concluding: freedom is dangerous. No matter how many laws we pass the ones who will break the law will do so anyway. Though impossible to achieve rigid rules seek 100% safety. Of course we can take practical action to healthily lead our lives. Though most often we dig in our heels to affirm rigid, obtuse, narrow-minded, arrogant, and coped, as the Emperor in his invisible suit, stories. Safety becomes defensive and/or offensive and impractical. All the while the clear mind of the child sees we are all naked and vulnerable. The indoctrination of invincibility and godlike status will not work, even in the Matrix there is a Neo to rise up and free the brainwashed masses.

Our Stories are anecdotal evidentiary proof of the validity of our beliefs and attitudes. Inasmuch they are here say and ridden with biased presumptions. Anecdotal evidence is perceived in wildly different versions of the same event. When I work with couples separately, the vastly different views of the same story make them unrecognizable from each other. For example: A woman told a Story of her husband hitting her for the first time. The husband in his session told the same story. The details of the story were different in every respect except the room they were in and that he hit her. Even the number of times she was hit was different. He claimed more times that she did.

Subjective reality is mired in subjective delusional bias. Our Stories, we think, prove and alleviate suffering, yet only serve to perpetuate suffering. Such unyielding adherence to delusional stories as proof of personal doubt support assumptions and further connotations for concepts. We build one concept upon another further deluding ourselves to “what is.” Complicating life is not the same as complexity. The simplest solution may be complex but complicating is filled with assumptions, connotations, and biased stories.

Under all of this is the tiny child we once were, malleable, loving, needing love and affection, had only rudimentary ways to remain safe. Beliefs, attitudes and assumptions were adopted to please others. As adults such rudimentary defenses give rise to habitual behaviours all in the name of an assumption we make about life.

Question and deduce exactly what you mean. Do not assume. Take responsibility and learn to think properly. This is the road to freedom and adventure.


  1. Terryanne. A question??? What word do you use to describe actions that are true and intended in comparison to behaviours? Which I describe as manipulative, learned and abusive.  PegCoaching for life

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    1. There is a difference between actions or behaviours that are conscious and healthy versus unconscious and blame-victim, behaviours/actions that are part of an over-reaction. Actions or behaviours in an over-reactions are pre-conditioned, blame- victim consciousness, and irresponsible. You describe responsible, spontaneous, responsive behaviours which are certainly healthy. Ultimately it seems to me, you are describing healthily living into an experience. Love t


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