Day 118: My Experiment

Nov 11, 2018     11.11.11

Remembrance Day: Remembering those who fought for our Freedoms.

Photo Courtesy of Reverant on Pixabay

The Emperor’s New Clothes.


Our stories blanket us in a mask that hides no-thing. A collective agreement between ourselves and others keep our masks in place. Unless someone is unaware of our false assumptions of life, like the tiny child in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the mask is betrayed. The child’s honesty reveals that the suit of clothes does not exist and the Emperor is completely naked.


Just as the Emperor betrayed himself so do we. We cloak ourselves in our past. Our stories tell another story of whom and what we think we are. We believe our stories doubling down on victim hood when our stories are challenged. We assume the story is real.

How do we know our stories are not real? Simply when a shift in perspective occurs: our story, our masks, should’s, should not’s and invisible clothing fall away and we are freed from their icy hold.

Seemingly keeping us safe, our recipes for living only defend us from a part of us that wants to be free. Our intellectual defenses are certain there is something horrible beneath the surface. This assumption is the primary line of fallacious defenses. Secondly, the intellect seemingly decides that if it let’s go of these lies we will be unsafe. How can a lie keep us safe? Only if: we brainwash everyone to tell the same lie. Obviously ludicrous and impossible but we have a sneaking suspicion that this is something we try to accomplish.  We suspect something is amiss when we virulently defend our position especially against: those who love and help us; those we love; and against our children.

Our Story is not who we are. Things are not as they seem. Life is an adventure way beyond the limits of the mind.

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