Day 117: My Experiment

Nov 10, 2018     Photo by Pexels 9162 on Pixabay

I want you to be happy…
“I want you to be happy”, “I do this for you” conjures manipulation and deceit. You do not do this for me but for yourself. You want me to exhibit behaviours, attitudes, and beliefs that fulfill your vampiric neediness. Your pit of despair and lack are yours to deal with not mine to fulfill for you. I have mine own responsibility to myself.
Besides you will never be fulfilled as the lack comes from yourself not the world. It is clear you mirror your misery onto others. Until you break the mirror you believe you cannot be fulfilled. This is a lie you tell yourself to lay blame and responsibility for yourself onto others. A faulty formula to defend yourself.  You blame guilt, fear, others for your impotence in the world. You lack courage to take responsibility, individuate, and autonomy. Your abnegation of responsibility creates a co-dependent world and you will tyrannize with pathetic victim hood. Like a spider you will trap them in your web.  They may feed your immature neediness or drop you like a hot potato.
No matter what story you tell you be remain a victim.
Free yourself from victim hood. The courage to be….
BreakThrough 1

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