Beauty Group Session Series

            “Vanity thy name is woman.”

For the holidays a series on beauty. 


Session 1: December 14, 2018 11 am ET:

The golden mean ratio and the face. The most beautiful faces follow the golden mean ratio. The session will support balancing the face and its symmetry.


Session 2: December 21, 2018 11 am ET:

Symmetry and the body. The skeletal structure, organs, muscles, fat, connective tissue and whatever else comes up during the session.


Session 3: December 28, 2018 11 am ET:

Hair and nails. Vitamin absorption, hormones, and repair.


Session 4: January 4, 2018 11 am ET:

Skin, blemishes, scars, circulation, cellulite.


Session 5: January 11, 2018 11 am ET:

This is a bonus session re-looking at the golden mean for face as well as the  body.


Where: On Zoom. Once registered please allow 48 hours before you receive your invite to Zoom. If you do not receive it after 48 hours please contact:

If you cannot be online no worries, the audio of the session will be sent to you.

Dates:  Dec 14, 21, 28, 2018 and Jan 4 and 11th, 2019

Time: Eastern Time: 11 am  Duration: 30 min Max.


5 Group BodyTalk Sessions on Beauty



Photo Courtesy of Gromovataya on Pixabay

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