Day 116: My Experiment
Nov 9, 2018    Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay
The Pursuit of Happiness.
Happiness derives from “hap” the middle English word for luck. What a miserable thought, happiness derived from a lottery win!
Happiness is transient. It rises up into euphoria once reaching its crest it plummets. Ah, I have just described life, a wave, frequency or a heart beat. Just as heart beat does not remain constant but vibrates and fluctuates so does life. If constant then the heart flat lines and then, oops, we are dead as a door nail.
Of course many see happiness as a wonderful pursuit. Even though a constant state of bliss appears to us a lunacy. We perceive someone smiling ecstatically, as they stab their child in the throat, as psychopathic. Yet this addictive need to pursue happiness persists. Bookshelves filled with recipes for happiness. Why not just buy a book on how to select lottery numbers!
This constant nagging perpetual need for something to bring happiness. Happiness is the goal. Happiness is the be all and end all. I refute this pathetic assumption of life.  The lunatic addiction to finding something that as meaningless as happiness. As though a particular event, object, need, addiction, thought can be ascribed with happiness. A vacation, a new toy, a house, a new country, bah this is non-sense.
We are constantly changing. Our misery arises from the insane addiction to “preventing change”. Oh yes I know many of you will say but “I want change.” I am sure some of you mean it whilst others are not even aware they will do anything to stop the up and down flow of life for something as ephemeral as happiness. What a conundrum. Being something that is unchanging, ever lasting, and dead versus the full engagement with the flow of life.
The engagement with the constant ups and downs of life takes us from orgasm to denouement and back up again. Pleasure arises from the experience of life itself as does pain. The good and the bad or suffering cannot be avoided. Though you can be guaranteed perpetual pain whilst trying to prevent change. Addictive, masochistic, constant in suffering whilst seeking happiness!
Yes, we will fall, yes there will be pain, as we are alive. No use thinking your thoughts can create a Utopia, nature will not comply.  Pleasure will come as it will leave. But seeking that which cannot remain is by very definition suffering. Seeking happiness is inevitable misery. Seek meaning and you will may certainly sink to the depths of despair but you will rise again.

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