Day 113: My Experiment
Nov 6th, 2018  Photo by langil on Pixabay
I realized in childhood as soon as I knew exactly what belief underpinned my perspective I freed myself from its clutches. We often say: “I know precisely what is wrong with me”. Yet nothing happens. The same old continues onward as an old friend who constantly betrays. Never realizing the friend must be seen in a different light. Possibly to be discarded or the shift in perspective halts betrayal.
What is so disturbing in our methodology for resolution is analysis of thoughts. Thoughts are assumptions furthermore building a case using assumptions only leads to further assuming. Dissecting and analyzing a thought is moot. We prattle on and on assuming this is the path to liberation only to entangle ourselves more deeply in the net.
Thoughts can be likened to a wave on the surface of a vast ocean. We analyze and deal with the waves without attending to what lays beneath the surface. The waves do not make the ocean nor reveal the calm beneath the surface. The mind is filled with thoughts, under the surface it is calm.
So then, why do we tend to dunk ourselves in the waves of thoughts rather than the calm beneath the surface? Because the mind was our only source of defense in childhood. It found ways for us to be loved by caregivers. We conformed to the world around us. Even in rebellion we acquiesced to the original faulty axioms. Foregoing the truth, we only reacted to an assumption with another assumption.
Such is the stuff of the defensive mind. We cannot be hard on the mind, it does what it is designed to do. The mind does not think. It only sees the past and predicts the future based on the past. The mind does not consider. It cannot prognosticate. The mind avoids the truth that everything changes. The mind is a thought producing machine but does not think.
Our work is to learn how to think. Spewing out thoughts, concepts, identities or masks, self-image, and subsequently analyzing them is not thinking. We only spin more and more stories and lies about ourselves and life.
Below the surface of the mind is the truth. The clear mind of the child knew the truth. To think, the clear mind of the child is the place to come from. All other explanations, justifications, excuses, analyses, are the adult defenses that keep us in the dark. When you answer with the clear mind of the child then you will find the truth.


  1. WoW Terry Anne this is so true! If this is the result of your 113 days it is worth it! Your sharings are profound!

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