Day 112: My Experiment
 Monday November 5th 2018  Photo by mojzagrebinfo on pixabay.
Jordan B Peterson, a Canadian psychologist, is one of the people who influenced my experiment. On an interview with him last night he commented that he changed his viewpoint on fat. Like so many he assumed fat was due to sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. He said that fat may be due to something like disease. I agree though  not  necessarily disease but certainly some part of the bodymind is not communicating properly to another part of the bodymind.
For those of us who do BodyTalk, BreakThrough, energy work and so forth have likely understood that food and sedentary lifestyle do not account for weight gain and loss. The pervasive simplistic solutions such as diet and exercise are inadequate especially with limited results. As for myself and many I know we can eat properly and exercise with no deep results.
There are too many variables to determine weight gain and loss. Physiological, lifestyle, stress, past history, genetics, personal essence, food intolerance,  food combining, fasting, not fasting, karmic or past life influences, rigid mindset, consciousness, and the list goes on.
Some elimination diets, for allergies and intolerance, begin with rice. One food at a time is added. On zero carbohydrate, red meat and fat is the starting point . In my case it is working and healing my body. Anything I add increases symptoms.
The should’s and should not’s for weight and health haven’t a gold standard. We are unique. Forcing anyone to eat a certain way may be tantamount to something as malevolent as Munchausen by proxy. In this case of ideological regimes might be the pathological need to be right rather than compassion and empathy.
Since adding eggs, bit of cheese, and bacon do not increase my symptoms substantially I succumb. Meat alone causes some acid-reflux. I am gentle with myself when I need to add something to rid of the acid. Though when I eat only meat and fat the weight loss is apparent. Despite the amazing effects, gentleness (not permissiveness) has been a huge factor in healing as well.
There will be a  Group BodyTalk session on the 27th of November 2018 at 11am live or listen later. We will address physiology, memories, and sabotage in the body and mind.
You can sign up here:

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