Day 109: My Experiment
Nov 2, 2018
Addiction to Lack
We tend to make lists of a perfect partner, job, career, and life in general. The moment any of those do not meet our expectations we have a melt down. We either blame ourselves or the other for unmet expectations. Ultimately our expectations are a recipe for disaster.
The list of expectations underscores inadequacy or lack. Lack drives us, repeatedly burdening ourselves, to fulfill lack e.g. I should be thinner, I should be richer, I should be prettier, I should be smarter, I should exercise more. Deficiency is the motivation that drives us into addictive behaviour.
We pay lip service to aphorisms such as “I love unconditionally” or “Self-acceptance” whilst bolstered by an addictive dependency on fulfilling inadequacies.
What if we are not inadequate? What if we are perfect warts and all? What if all we need is to unlearn the beliefs and identities you acquired that tell you: “I lack”? What if we lack nothing and gentleness is all that is required ? Well likely the courage to be gentle with ourselves.
Ready to unlearn and free yourself from the addiction of lack?
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