Group BodyTalk Session on FAT!

That stubborn fat that just won’t move. Sugar or carbohydrate cravings that tempt you. You say: “I have no willpower.” or “I have to deprive myself.” or “why do others eat what they want and I cannot.”


Your bodymind is complex. If something is not functioning or over-ridden by the past will power will just not do it. Self-sabotage isn’t particularly evident. In other words what you think is sabotaging you might be something else entirely.

Join us for a BodyTalk session that will begin to balance what has gone out of whack.

Date: November 27th, 2018

Time: 11 am ET

Where: Zoom

Duration: 30 Min. Max.

Once you have registered please allow 48 hours to receive your invite to Zoom.

If you have any issues contact:

Group BodyTalk Session on Fat


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