Day 108: My Experiment
   Nov 1, 2018  Photo by Henri Hustava on Unsplash
Thoughts are a preemptive strike evading knowledge of the self. The mind utilizes past knowledge to, ineffectively,  protect the individual and control outcomes.  Each mask, belief, assumption about  self life is used as a sword against knowing the self for the devilish purposes of defending the self against the unknown. The unknown is the very stuff of adventure!
Acquiescence to the dominating hypnotic power of the mind renders the entangled believer blind to possibility. The self, subjugated under a myriad of masks, communicates through emotional upheaval. Identification with masks are fortified by catalysis -either one’s self or an outside trigger-or the individual happens to decide: “there must be a better way!”
Once the decision is made to find a better way thinking can begin. No longer does a litany of prefabricated stories, events, conclusions, or assumptions dominate the self but a crack appears and the thinker can speak honestly. Honesty is the unfiltered, unmasked, voice of the a clear mind.
The filtered mind is defensive. It attacks, submits, and follows mental lines of reasoning, not the truth. The mind piles one assumption upon another till the truth is smothered under one series of lies after another.
Entangled in stories, blaming, victimizing, and irresponsibility, the mind succeeds in dominating. The individual not only believes the mind but that they are the mind!
Disentanglement from “being a thought” requires a lowering of the defenses. Like a trapped wild animal the defenses lash out. Self-inquiry is a gentle hand that calms the harsh defenses.  Once calmed something new arises: the truth.
The truth will set you free. (John: 8:32)

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