Day 136: My Experiment

Day 136: My Experiment Day 136: My Experiment Nov 29, 2018 Time for some R and R after a long year of some healing, lots of new creative work, and working with others. I dedicate my rest to all of you. Photo by Prawny on Pixabay  

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Day 135: My Experiment

Day 135: My Experiment Nov 28, 2018 Asking for help might be a web of deceit that takes the helper down a winding road to hell. Be wary of the asker. Their dedication to themselves is the only route to heaven. The helper is not helping but lighting the way. It is for the one […]

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Day 134: My Experiment

  Day 134: My Experiment Nov 27, 2018 Co- dependency. The co-dependents are bedeviled by volitional blindness, guilt, and  “self-serving”. The complexity of the people – pleaser needing to please and be pleased in conjunction with the person apparently pleased are inseparable. Both succumb by feeding the other the blood of irresponsibility laying blame at […]

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Day 133: My Experiment

Day 133: My Experiement Nov 26, 2018   “Life is real only then when I am.” G.I.Gurdjieff     Then and only then when the illusions fade is life real. Then and only then when the masks crumble is life real. Then and only then when there is no separation between perceiver and perceived is […]

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Day 132: My Experiment Tarot Reading.

Day 132: My Experiment Nov 25, 2018 Podcast #8 All about Tarot Readings:—All-About-Tarot-Readings-e2irop/a-a6e69e Podcast #7: Live Tarot Reading—Tarot-Reading-e2hrmm/a-a6alqd   Photo BY Evangeline Soumalias    Support my work by Subscribing, sharing, liking and/or on PayPal, Patreon, Crypto

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Day 131: My Experiment

  Day 131:My Experiment Nov 24, 2018 People-Pleasing Most of us want to act kindly towards others. This isn’t original. It is simply the way we get along with each other. That said people-pleasing that relinquishes integrity is an offense to the sacrosanct. The sacredness of integrity with our selves once betrayed begets conflict, resentment, […]

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Learning and Unlearning

Learning and Unlearning By Caroline Davie   Photo by Bruce Mars on Pexels   I have been having such amazing insights this year. They have been triggered by the work I have been doing with Terryann Nikides. She offers and online course called Soul Responsibility. I am so drawn to the work I am hoping […]

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Day 130: My Experiment

Day 130: My Experiment Nov 23, 2018 Gentleness A litany of phrases such as “I have to learn to be compassionate, forgive, be gentle, love myself, care for myself” bemoan our collective ignorance. The more we learn the more we accumulate assumptions about ourselves and life. Accumulation of rigid beliefs of the known become the […]

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Day 129: My Experiment

Day 129: My Experiment Nov 22, 2018    Photo by CDJ on Pixabay Lies and Manipulation Aspects of self that are considered demonic hence unsafe are relegated to the unconscious mind early in childhood. The acceptable identities are lived into rigidly accepting only one side of the coin. All the while our shadow is hectored […]

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