Morning In Jamaica

Morning in Jamaica

Day 137: My Experiment

I walked up 3 flights of stairs! Whoo hoo. I could hardly move afterward but today am ready to try again. Wish me luck!IMG_1362.JPG

Day 136: My Experiment

Day 136: My Experiment

Day 136: My Experiment
Nov 29, 2018
Time for some R and R after a long year of some healing, lots of new creative work, and working with others.
I dedicate my rest to all of you.
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Day 135: My Experiment

Day 135: My Experiment
Nov 28, 2018
Asking for help might be a web of deceit that takes the helper down a winding road to hell. Be wary of the asker. Their dedication to themselves is the only route to heaven. The helper is not helping but lighting the way. It is for the one who asks to take the steps.
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Day 134: My Experiment


Day 134: My Experiment
Nov 27, 2018
Co- dependency.
The co-dependents are bedeviled by volitional blindness, guilt, and  “self-serving”. The complexity of the people – pleaser needing to please and be pleased in conjunction with the person apparently pleased are inseparable. Both succumb by feeding the other the blood of irresponsibility laying blame at the feet of the other. In the name of pleasing  the virus of irresponsibility is passed onto the other all the while claiming virtue via guilt and false responsibility. Such a conundrum can only be broken by having the courage to dispel people-pleasing aligned with pathological self-serving guilt.  Service to self is the antivenin.
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Day 133: My Experiment

Day 133: My Experiement

Nov 26, 2018


“Life is real only then when I am.”





Then and only then when the illusions fade is life real.

Then and only then when the masks crumble is life real.

Then and only then when there is no separation between perceiver and perceived is life real.

Then and only then when the spell of the mind breaks is life real.

I am that I am.


Day 132: My Experiment Tarot Reading.

Day 132: My Experiment

Nov 25, 2018

Podcast #8 All about Tarot Readings:—All-About-Tarot-Readings-e2irop/a-a6e69e

Podcast #7: Live Tarot Reading—Tarot-Reading-e2hrmm/a-a6alqd



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Day 131: My Experiment


Day 131:My Experiment

Nov 24, 2018


Most of us want to act kindly towards others. This isn’t original. It is simply the way we get along with each other. That said people-pleasing that relinquishes integrity is an offense to the sacrosanct. The sacredness of integrity with our selves once betrayed begets conflict, resentment, anger, vengeance, regret, and bitterness. Lies that are lived into consciously do not betray the sacred. The lies that are defended with cowardice, guilt, and fear accrue heavy costs on our souls.

Rigid people-pleasing arises from a lack of courage to live into the truth, e.g.: for fear of hurting the other or being hurt. Ultimately such behaviour is to control the other and/or the outcome. Obviously the latter is a very false, malicious, and deceptive way to please others wrapped in a smile.

The Queen in sleeping beauty disguises herself as a kindly old woman. She hands a shiny apple laced with poison to Snow White. How often an apparent kindness is toxic: “My child has to learn, so I spank him.” “Everything I do, I do for you.” “I love you. Promise me you will stay with me forever.” “I love you more than myself.” “You make me happy.” “I could not live without you.” These heavy burdens are laid on the shoulders of children. Of course the parent acquired the same burdens in their childhood. Fears, cowardice, guilt are handed down generation to generation.


DAy 131



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Learning and Unlearning

Learning and Unlearning

By Caroline Davie



Photo by Bruce Mars on Pexels


I have been having such amazing insights this year. They have been triggered by the work I have been doing with Terryann Nikides. She offers and online course called Soul Responsibility. I am so drawn to the work I am hoping to be able to run classes myself next year.

The work involves questioning. We question assumptions we have made in our lives. We live by these assumptions and we live by them quite unconsciously. Questioning allows us to look at what is really happening, what we are actually living and then from there, decide if it works for us or not.

My experience has been that once I see how I have been operating in my life, truly seeing it for what it is, I REALLY don’t like it. The realisation is often accompanied by a rise of emotions that I have an opportunity to release. The most critical step of our work is to then TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for how we have been operating – even though it has been unconscious till this point, we need to take responsibility for operating in this way.

The result is a powerful shift in my body and mind. My entire system needs to reset itself now that the old operating system has been identified and bought to the light. IT cannot work in the same way as it did before. My nervous system changes and my brain wiring changes and my body changes. The BEST part for me, is that the way I move through my life begins to change.

I am far more relaxed in my life. I am WAY more comfortable with the choices I make for myself and my family. I am quite radical and go against mainstream in my personal choices, so I am feeling more confident and free in my choices. I guess I am not so worried about what others think about my choices. I am happy that I have made the choices for the right reasons just for me.

I am seeing myself and whole and complete for the first time in my life.

What a blessing

Love Caroline


Day 130: My Experiment

Day 130: My Experiment

Nov 23, 2018


A litany of phrases such as “I have to learn to be compassionate, forgive, be gentle, love myself, care for myself” bemoan our collective ignorance. The more we learn the more we accumulate assumptions about ourselves and life. Accumulation of rigid beliefs of the known become the stone walls surrounding intimacy, self-knowledge, and relating. We say: “If only I could learn more then I can dispel conflict”.


Socrates was declared the most intelligent man in the world as he knew nothing. Unlike most of us, who think we know something, Socrates wore no protective goggles to perceive the world. He remained with the clear mind of the child.


We pile on one belief after another further obfuscating reality. To see life as it is, our work is to unlearn what we have learned. Most often learning is a harsh task master. One simple way to unlearn what you have learned is to be “gentle” with yourself. Be gentle in word, gentle in thoughts, gentle in doing, gentle in not doing. Gentleness, like a river that creates the Grand Canyon, can erode the rigidity of accumulated knowledge birthing something devoid of conditioning. That which is without preconceptions is the adventure.




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Day 129: My Experiment

Day 129: My Experiment

Nov 22, 2018    Photo by CDJ on Pixabay

Lies and Manipulation

Aspects of self that are considered demonic hence unsafe are relegated to the unconscious mind early in childhood. The acceptable identities are lived into rigidly accepting only one side of the coin. All the while our shadow is hectored through personal manipulation into apparent oblivion. Of course rejection does not annihilate any identity. The un-lived facets of self lay in wait demonically or angelically projected onto the other

When we fall in love we see the gold from rejected shadow projected onto the other. Falling head over heels in love, unbeknownst to us, is falling in love with the rejected parts of self. When we hate, the same dynamic occurs, the rejected shadow is reflected negatively onto the other.


The unlived aspects of self are lurk in the shadows like neglected children beaten and hidden away in the cellar. They call to us through catalyzing experiences bringing themselves to our awareness. We either listen with compassion or lash out at others and/or ourselves aggressively (or passive aggressively). Aggressive (or passive aggressive) manipulation of ourselves and others arises as virtuous when we perceive ourselves as the victim. We perceive neglecting parts of ourselves to the darkness as virtuous! Victim-blame consciousness is the stranglehold the conscious mind adheres to justify manipulation and abuse. Ironically manipulation and abuse are heralded as proper etiquette when avoiding the shadow.

We make irresponsible excuses and look for those who have common ground with our defensiveness saying: “but so and so agrees with me.” As if validation of manipulation and its consequent abuses are justified.  As we know such thinking is averse to autonomy and healthy relationships.

Ultimately the unlived identities betray us perpetuating lies and manipulation of ourselves and others. Self-ignorance results in construing our stories into a myriad of convoluted perceptions of reality. Along with omissions and lack of compassion that further enable self-betrayal. Co-dependently we rely on misjudgements as validation for victim hood and concomitant blame. Co-dependency with self-betrayal, irresponsibility, guilt, and cowardice become fiendish bedfellows that turn on us like a rabid dog. All of this results as validation of a false sense of security.

We become the bearers of judgement and lay blame at the feet of the other when all the while there is no blame. The only requirement is responsibility to our selves no matter what the experience. Otherwise we are lost in continued manipulation, deceit, abuse, and irresponsibility.

Compassion rises when compassion rises for the rejected elements of self. Then we are free.


GDJ on Pixabay

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