Day 101: My Experiment

Day 101: My Experiment Oct 25, 2018  Photo By Hans on Pixabay Today’s Rant: Lies! Have you ever noticed how heavy, cold, and distant the mind is? A way ward mind that has, metaphorically, detached from the self and decided it knows best. Usually defending a false axiom, complicating your life and relationships. Mental fabrications […]

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Day 100: My Experiment

Day 100: My Experiment Oct 24, 2018   Photo by Geralt on Pixabay   Childhood is a state in which the parent/adult caregiver has tyrannical control over the tiny child. This happened to every single one of us. The un-examined life pulls at my heart strings knowing we perpetuate past tyrannies. We pass the buck by either: […]

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Day 99: My Experiment

 Day 99: My Experiment Oct 23, 2018    Photo by Zandy126 on Pixabay         Either garlic is the devil or I am a vampire. Don’t ask me why I did something as stupid as having anything undigested by a cow. I have been literally rolling in bed with Exorcist sounds coming from […]

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Day 98: My Experiment

Day 98: My Experiment Oct 22, 2018 A bit of a rant today:        “Everything that irritates us about others can lead to an understanding of ourselves.” Carl Jung         We were all children once. Somehow the adult forgets what it is like to be a child. Forgetting the hatred […]

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Day 97: My Experiment

Day 97: My Experiment Oct 21, 2018 A long leisurely sleep last night. Rolled out of bed a bit ago. Over-tired still. YToday will be reading and luxuriating in “nothingness”. Get my nervous system back on track. Love to all #allmeat #keto #healingjourney #weightlossjourney #inspiration #leurbanretreat #bodytalk #breakthrough #healing #meat #love #relating #relationship #relationshipwithself #allergens […]

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Day 96: My Experiment

Day 96: My Experiment Oct 20, 2018     Photo by Soorelis on Pixabay Had a lovely evening with a cousin last night. We laughed of the old days. It is so strange how childhood comes back so vividly as one ages. Most of the adults walking around like zombies yet always one awake adult who […]

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Day 95: My Experiment

Day 95: My Experiment Oct 19, 2018  Photo by MarvelMozhko on Pixabay Amazing day yesterday. Today is the complete opposite, achy, head cloudy, and want to return to bed. Seems really cold out as well but not going to check. I had other proteins yesterday and that makes a difference-today will be all red meat. […]

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