Day 107: My Experiment
Wednesday Oct 31 2018
Happy Halloween  Photo by kellepics on Pixabay
Responsibility: the ability to respond.
Connotations for responsibility are often: a burden, have to, must, should, guilt or some such ill defined terminology. We drape ourselves in the victim hood of these connotations limiting ourselves and life. Simultaneously we declare guilt infested martyrdom a virtue!
Tergiversation results from austere self-limitation and irresponsibility for ourselves and life. Straightforward action and statements are manipulated into a convoluted syntheses of self-manipulation and submission to people pleasing. Either way we manipulate both ourselves and the other under the guise of “I care about others” or “I feel guilty”.
We hang ourselves on the cross indoctrinating others into victim-blame consciousness. Further evading  responsibility, autonomy, integrity, and adventure. As though life is something to be avoided rather than lived.
Furthermore, equivocation from responsibility derides the truth. “Truth will set you free” is set aside as Utopian rather than pragmatism. Defiance of the truth, especially when conceived of as virtuous, elevates lying to God like status. Ideals such as pleasing the other, belonging to a group-even if immoral, subjugation, tyranny, and moral authority become the Utopian paradigm. Freedom is supplanted by limiting control.
Individuation, responsibility, autonomy, personal choice are replaced by conformism, irresponsibility, dependence,  and group choice. The adventure lays in waste all for the sake of controlling the unknown and  irresponsibility. Mechanical responses are irresponsible justifications for actions. Trial and error is the stuff of adventure. Responsibly starting a day, hour, or moment afresh. The past left behind. The present filled with possibility whether we fail or succeed.
Of course the final scapegoat is fear. “I am afraid” is an excuse. As someone watches their child beaten they cannot do anything. Why? Fear is the excuse. The child must bear the brunt of pain the parent cannot endure. “I am afraid to leave my job. I hate it.” Again fear is the excuse for being paid to hate! What strange creatures we are. Our malevolence and irresponsibility for it is shrouded in fear and victim-hood.
This Halloween take responsibility for your malevolence disguised in fear, guilt and virtue. You may just free yourself.
If not…
BreakThrough 1.

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