Day 104: My Experiment
Oct 28, 2018
     Photo by Pixalli on Pixabay
Divide and conquer. 
Why does “divide and conquer” work so well? 
The mind does not think. Certainly, thoughts run hither thither through the mind, but thinking it does not do. If you ask yourself: Where do thoughts come from? You will find a surplus of intellectual answers: “from my brain”, “I make them”, “from the firing of synapses”, “from the mind” ad infinitum.  Ultimately the source of thoughts is unknown.
Secondly, we believe the validity of thoughts. Consequently believing that we are our thoughts and our mind !Just as we are not a fingernail, we are not a: thought, body, emotion, nor a mind.
Thirdly, the mind is divided into positive and negative, good and bad. The mind is a stormy sea tossing us back and forth between thoughts. We are magnetized by one side of the argument. To be clear this does not arise in all instances. This only occurs when we rigidly hold a belief.
Beliefs are obviously not the truth:” I believe in Santa Claus” or “I believe the earth is flat” or “I believe everyone is the cause of my problems except myself” or “I believe I am my mind” are untruthful.
The mind and its voluminous thoughts protect us from childhood wounds. The mind tries to keep us safe.  Inasmuch, as little children division and conquest were instantiated. As adults some of us awaken to say: “This is not working.”  Whilst others hold tightly to unquestioned assumptions like a swords at the ready to slay inconsistencies and possibly you. The division of the mind has already set the stage for conquest!
Since our need for safety is prioritized we negligently succumb to doubling down on further hardening our defenses and beliefs. Rather than shedding light on childhood wounding, like vampires avoiding sunlight, we prefer to pile on the beliefs. We faultily assume we have dealt with our hurts by adding tomfoolery in the guise of arrogant intellectual chicanery. 
The mind has us well hypnotized: ” Follow me.” Says the mind. “I will keep you safe.” We betray ourselves by falling for the devil’s promise of security. Bah hum bug! We have been lulled into a false sense of security. Then….someone or something catalyzes us. Our button is pushed and the full force of a tsunami rises to conquer the other. We are already divided! How easy it is for another to conquer.
The antidote you may ask? Learn to think. Your mind is there for YOU to use; NOT for the mind to use you.
The best system to learn to think: BreakThrough 1. 

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