Day 103: My Experiment

Oct 27, 2018  Photo by Fuzz on Pixabay
Political correctness is not benign but rather a cancerous plight on the ability to think. It derails childlike clarity of speech by mutating it into obfuscated serial dishonesty. Acquiescence to the truncated head of truth devolves into corruption, manipulation, and aggression. Further suffocating the individual from self-inquiry. Finally deluding the individual into thinking the thoughts and feelings of others are more important than their own thoughts and feelings.
Once any individual binds, with their voice, a covenant with devil,  the individual has sealed the betrayal of their own soul. Once the voice is lost the fires of hell ravage all aspects of life. How so you may ask? Once others are more important than the self this ideology is expected from others. No longer is the individual responsible for their experience of life but place the responsibility on others. The hell fires burn hotter when each identity must be preserved by the other. No separation of perception but like the Borg all must think as one. The collective occluding the individual till finally there is no individual.
On that happy note love to all..
#lying #truth #bodytalk #breakthough #conflict #defensiveness #peace #freedom #love #relationships #being #beingness #inspiration #relationshipgoals #compassion #shouldnot #should #honesty #leurbanretreat #selfinquiry #knowthyself

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